Kitesurf in Morocco - Essaouira


Welcome to the kitesurfing world!

If you are thinking in starting with this amazing sport, reading this blog will give you an idea about why this watersport is becoming famous day after day, and why each time the ocean is more crowded of those colorful kites which give us a daily motivation to all the kite surfers.

How much time do you need to learn.

The time it takes to learn kitesurfing depends on several factors, the skills of each person, if you have previous experience with board sports (snowboard, wakeboard, skate) and of course the wind and the waves conditions that you will have during your lessons.

Generally, most of the people needs from 5 to 7 days to get it and ride independently, but some other people may need more time.

Something important to know, the leaning of this watersports requires patience, perseverance and practice. It’s essential to receive proper instruction from a certifies instructor and use appropriate safety gear.

Kitesurfing course of 5-6 days.

DAY 1. Introduction to kitesurfing:

  • Safety briefing and explanation of the equipment.
  • Theory of wind, explanation of the wind window.
  • Kite control, flying it, landing, launching and stewing the kite.
  • Safety systems and important things to know about the spot.

DAY 2. Water introduction :

  • Refresher on the kite control.
  • Body dragging, funny exercise where you will be pulled trought the water using the power of the kite. This is really important to be able to find our board in case we will loose it.
  • Water relaunch of the kite.
  • Body dragging upwind and downwind.

DAY 3. Waterstarts :

  • Learn the goof placement on the board, balance and edging.
  • Introduction to water-start, the moment to try to stand up on the board using the power of the kite.
  • Try to ride our first meters controlling the speed and the power of the kite, some people start riding controlling the kite and the direction.

DAY 4. Improving skills riding :

  • Practicing water-starts and doing each time longer rides, now in both directions.
  • Introduction transitions (changing direction while riding)
  • More advance kite control skills, including power control and depower techniques.

FROM THE DAY 5. Independent riding :

  • Keep riding in both directions and gaining confidence.
  • Riding independently with supervision.
  • Start with small jumps.

By the end of a 5 days kitesurfing lesson with good wind and waves conditions, you should have a good understanding of the basics of this watersport and be able to ride independently.  However, keep in mind that to become a good kitesurfer you have to practice and continue learning even after completing this course.

Why to choose learn kitesurfing with Explora Watersports (link)?

Choosing a good kite school can be hard when you are beginner, basically because you don’t know what is important and what not to made this decision. Here we explain you the 3 factors you should consider when selecting a kite school, and why Explora Watersports Essaouira is your best option.

  1. The team : One of the most important things that makes a school be a good option for learning kitesurfing is the instructor’s team. The instructors have to be certified, but also, they should have experience and be patience. In Explora you will find a passionate team of instructors who are teaching during all year in Essaouira, learning with them it is 100% guaranteed that you will learn in a safe way and having fun at the same time.
  2. Equipment : Is so important to learn kite with a good and new equipment. The kitesurfing world is quite new and the kite models, boards and accessories does change from year to year as new technologies and materials are developed, manufactures constantly strive to improve the performance and safety of the products.
    In Explora Watersports Essaouira, you will find the latest kites and boards from Duotone (link?), one of the most popular brands of kitesurfing in the world due to the innovation, high quality and range of products.
  3. Location : It is important to choose a school located in a good kitesurfing spot, with good conditions and windy during the year. In Essaouira it will depend on the time of the year that you are coming to learn kitesurfing, we recommend you to come from March to October, when the waves are not so big and you will find wind almost every day.

In conclusion, Essaouira is a fantastic destination for kitesurf lovers of all levels. With its consistent winds, spacious beaches, and stunning natural beauty, it’s no wonder that Essaouira has become one of the top kitesurfing spots in the world.

So pack your bags, book your flights, and get ready to experience the thrill of kitesurfing in Essaouira, Morocco. With its unique blend of culture, history, and adventure, it’s a destination that’s sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who visits. Whether you’re hitting the waves or simply soaking up the sun, Essaouira is the perfect place to unwind, explore, and discover your inner kitesurfing champion!